Are solitaire diamonds better than other precious stones?

Solitaire diamonds are the rarest and most precious of all stones. If someone says that they’re better than other precious stones, they won’t be wrong. At the same time, this is also a mat...

If solitaire diamonds are your choice of stones on a piece of jewellery, then that is what you should choose. When you go shopping for solitaire jewellery, there are certain things you should know. Firstly, solitaires are rare. Hence they are quite expensive too. The only way you can actually bring down the pricing is to bring down the quality.

But that does not mean that you should opt for a bad stone. It is wrong if a consumer has to pay a lot of money for what he feels are the best quality solitaire diamonds. Being able to customise your solitaire jewellery means that you can decide the colour, cut, clarity and carat. Let’s look into how you can choose your solitaire diamonds.

The pricing & quality of solitaire diamonds

The diamond industry does not have a fixed way to calculate prices of solitaire diamonds. The lack of transparency and standardisation has led to much confusion among consumers. However, there are a few ways to know the price of solitaire diamonds by yourself.

With basic knowledge of diamond education, one can understand how the four main characteristics of a diamond can influence the pricing. Thus, you can also make minor adjustments to bring down the pricing of your stone. The price of solitaire diamond increases or decreases with every carat. The carat is the weight or size of the diamond is the most important aspect that determines the diamond price.

The jewellery for different stones

If you’re using coloured solitaire diamonds, ensure that they go well with the jewellery they’re going to be mounted on. There are many diamond colours ranging from faint yellow to pink. While clear and colourless diamonds are the best for white gold or platinum, coloured gold is for coloured metals. Mixing and matching the stones with metals is fine as long as it is white gold or platinum. You don’t want to know what yellow solitaire diamonds look like on rose gold.

When it comes to customising jewellery, you can always choose the size of the solitaire diamonds to set on the metal. If you’re going for really small diamonds, a little change in the colour won’t be a problem. No one is likely to notice the difference. Some people choose completely colourless side diamonds for yellow gold jewellery and that is alright.

Jewellery for different occasions

Be it a wedding party, a cocktail party or an office event, your solitaire jewellery is always with you. Leaving them at home will be a pity. So don’t do that. Pair your embroidered lehenga with some light solitaire jewellery. If the dress you’re wearing to your friend’s Mehendi function is a light one, feel free to wear a heavy pair of diamond earrings to go with it.

Office jewellery always has to be light and trendy. Like loud makeup, heavy jewellery on formal outfits could spell disaster. Very few can actually strike the perfect balance and carry it off well. OtherwiseBusiness Management Articles, it is safest to go with some light and stylish pieces that can complement your formal look.



While it is true that other precious gemstones are rare too, a solitaire diamond is even rarer. It is truly a matter of preference whether you choose solitaire diamonds and gemstones. Different types of jewellery look good with different stones, you can read more on solitaire jewellery at Divine Solitaires