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What Are Termites? First and foremost, Termites are not red ants as they are taxonomically classified by scientists as insects from the cockroach family. They are asocial organisms which work as a te...

What Are Termites?

First and foremost, Termites are not red ants as they are taxonomically classified by scientists as insects from the cockroach family. They are asocial organisms which work as a team to protect the young off springs that are produced by the female.

The interesting creatures are found in different types, and they cause immense harm to indoor habitats and outdoor spaces.

Wood and plant skeletons have cellulose, and termites feed on this fibre as they have the necessary digestive bacteria in the gut. Since humans use wood for furniture and buildings, these silent and disturbing organisms create much havoc and destruction.

The professional A to Z termite pest service in Mumbai focus on controlling these infesting critters through high quality repellents and customized solutions.

A wide range of organic and chemical formulations are deployed in a localized manner through focussed approaches.

The safe and reliable controllers are extensively utilized for destroying termite colonies that are found in homes, offices, hospitals, apartment buildings, factories, and hotels.

The trained terminators accurately identify the king, queen, workers, and winged specimens. Subsequently, they devise a perfect controlling solution based on the pest's type and size along with reproductive, colonizing, and nesting patterns.

Infestation Causes

Residential and commercial properties are constructed at great costs, and the owners have to take preventive or corrective actions to protect their immovable assets.

Pests and infestations are destructive, and invaluable assistance is offered by experts in termite pest service, the professional controllers list out these reasons for termite colonies-

  1. Dead plant matter, wood, plastic, dry walls, and paper are the staple diet of these voracious and destructive eaters.
  2. Living trees also attract some types, but the underground dwellers focus more on munching away at a variety of softwood products.
  3. Moist and decaying wood material is relished by the damp wood termites that stay more close the surface or ground.
  4. They can devour furniture, book shelves, newspaper piles, books, wooden pieces, cardboard, etc., at a devastatingly quick pace.


How to Tackle Them?

If you see winged termites in sunlit areas, then it is time for a red alert as this is a sure sign of a mature colony somewhere in the vicinity. The bug and infestation controllers who deliver high quality termite pest control service in chembur suggest the following precautions-

  • Inculcate cleanliness habits and prevent water stagnation or moisture accumulation near walls, furniture, or storage rooms.
  • Keep the plumbing appliances such as taps, drain holes, and faucets in top condition, and divert water away from the house's foundation.
  • Ensure that the roofs, vents, air conditioner, and pipe work are always dry and clean.
  • Do not stack up on wooden, paper piles, and books, and regularly dust them off.


Professional Advantages

Busy citizens in large metropolitan cities make mistakes and they can delay maintenance operations due to unforeseen circumstances. The top quality termite pest service in Mumbai has to be hired at the earliest to prevent further damage to furniture.

These professionals are good at locating mistakes such as wood damage, debris stagnation, and odd mixtures of soil, wood, paper, and lumber. They quickly identify the location of infestation on the basis of termite droppings, mud carvings on walls and wooden beams, cracked paint, and dead termites.

The basic and advanced treatment plans include baits, monitoring devices, chemical spraysFree Web Content, and herbal solutions.


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