7 Professional Lawyers and Advocates in Dubai

There are many lawyers and advocates but working with professional one's is totally different and can help you alot. Here are the Top 7 professional lawyer and advocates in Dubai.

There are plenty of regional as well as international law firms present in Dubai. Each one of them is responsible for providing an array of legal services. Irrespective of the type of case you need to get sorted out, whether big or small, these lawyers would be able to take out a solution for them. 

Such lawyers prevalent in Dubai are known as the ones who serve the people with matters related to business, real estate, corporate, immigration, criminal, family matters as well as patent issues too! 

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Top 7 Expert Law Firms of Dubai

Below, we have mentioned the top 7 professional lawyers and advocates prevalent in Dubai.

  1. Accord International Advocates & Legal Consultants

    It is a law firm that is based in Dubai. It is accompanied with an international scope and hails with a set of uncompromising principles. The organization consists of an eminent team of lawyers, advocates. They are all multilingual and reputable too. The clients associated with this firm are expanded massively all across the globe. Majority of them belong to Mauritius, South Africa, Malaysia, India, Egypt, Canada, New York and the UK too!

  2. Al Insaf Advocates & Legal Consultants

    Al Insaf Advocates and Legal Consultants have been the pioneer in acting as perfect legal assistance to the Privatization Committee for Water and Electricity Sector. Since the day of its inception, the firm is very renowned for being a participant in the separate negotiations agreements. Mentioning about the lawyers working for this organization, they are carried along with rich experience. Also, they can render legal advice as well as help them in sorting out the relatable issues.

  3. Al Rowaad Advocates & Legal Consultancy

    It is a full- service law firm that has always been intending to facilitate the customers with the most excellent judgement. No matter how high its difficulty grows, the professionals here are capable of solving them. The firm was established during the year 2003. It is proudly licensed to undertake varied advocacy-related services in the UAE. It deals with the matters related to family law, civil law, criminal law, corporate and commercial, banking, transport, labour, litigation etc. It is accompanied by a multilingual firm with the professionals knowing Arabic, Hindi, Urdu, Tagalog, Iranian, English etc.

  4. Amal Advocates & Legal Consultants

    The well-known and majorly prominent firm was initially established in Cairo, Egypt, three decades back! However, presently, it is prevalent in Dubai too. It has a team of internationally qualified lawyers, and each one of them knows the most beautiful possible way to solve out the legal issues. Amal Advocates & Legal Consultants are highly aware of the local as well as regional laws. There is a presence of many commercial law services. The reason that makes it stand out of the market is none other than its dispute resolution technique.

  5. Ashish Mehta & Associates Legal Consultants

    Ashish Mehta & Associates is highly successful as well as continually progressing international law firm. It is known for its smooth and very favourable ways of handling the legal issues of people. It has a very distinct approach and thus, deals with a whole array of legal services. These include intellectual property, maritime, arbitration, mediation, corporate and commercial, real estate and construction, securitization, crime etc. It highly believes in maintaining the value of the money spent by customers on its services.

  6. Bin Eid Advocates & Legal Consultants

    The legal firm was set up in the year 1999, and since that time, it is continually growing day by day. Its staff is quite rich in experience, especially in the field of legal specializations. The team members have always intended to spread legal awareness. They introduce legal advice to the customers who protect the public as well as the personal interests of clients. They deal with a good number of fields, and these include the criminal law, family & custody law, civil law, corporate law, maritime law and debt collection too.

  7. Abdulla Al Suwaidi Advocates & Legal Consultants

    The firm has always looked forward to serving the satisfaction of its clients efficiently. There exists a team of lawyers who are highly skilled in varied aspects. These can include wills, commercial, construction, maritime law, dispute resolution, property & Real estate, attestation in Dubai, company incorporation and many others. Going beyond the customers’ expectations, that’s what it has been working for. It can serve every single type of legal need of the customers.  As the standard Dubai Law notifies, an advocate is facilitated by the government to the accused person. This is done during the event when the guilty person is unable to afford the advocate on his own. You can get the full list of the best lawyersHealth Fitness Articles, advocates and other legal consultants on the DCCI Info Directory.


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