Five Generator Rental Companies to Look for in Dubai

DCCIInfo is one of the top business directory in UAE. If you are looking for generator rental companies then DCCIInfo is the best directory to look for.

Having an uninterrupted power supply is a must in Dubai owing to the hot and dry climatic conditions. It is very challenging to function normally when there are power cuts. Practical and life-saving equipment, a generator is a necessary thing to have during such power outages. An excellent, efficient generator will not help to cope with the harsh climate but also ensure the smooth running of your equipment like factory machines or kitchen appliances.

But buying a new good-quality generator is an expensive affair, and it may not fit into your budget easily. During such times, there is always the option of renting out a generator that will suit your power requirements nicely and also be friendly to your pocket. It is necessary to select a rental company that has the reputation of renting high-quality generators at reasonable rates. The company should have a good track record of providing after-sales service and also should have received excellent reviews from its clients.

The list of top 5 generator rental companies on DCCIInfo business directory is very reliable when it comes to selecting a generator rental company in Dubai.

Here is their list:

  1. Al Faris Equipment Rentals LLC

    Al Faris is a reputed company that has excellent experience in supplying rental generators for various purposes in Dubai and the UAE. Al Faris has a skilled and dedicated team that provide the best quality generators services. They are well equipped in every manner to handle any emergency which comes up. To provide support to the customers at any required time, the staff works round the clock with fully equipped facilities. The team at Al Faris can handle any sudden replacement of generators that may be needed. They have 24x7 emergency contact numbers for providing quick response to customers.

  2. El Katamy Pumps and Generators Rental

    El Katamy is a specialist in giving temporary energy rental solutions to Dubai and the UAE and has a lot of experience in providing power to significant events. Their experienced team is fully equipped to meet any challenges that may arise, and they believe in very safe operating practices and prevent any shutdowns at the premises of customers. The generators they supply have got the following five unique features:
    - In the event of a malfunction, a stop device will shut down the generator automatically and prevent overloads.
    - Their generators are quietly efficient and are made with sound-proof technology.
    - Their generators are very light in weight and compact.
    - They are very fuel-efficient.
    - They have low voltage variations.

  3. Spark Power Systems FZE

    Spark Power systems are very experienced in providing clients with a variety of rental generators to suit their different needs of business and workspace. Some features of their generator rental service are:
    - Their rental options are very flexible, and they supply rentals for even as low as single day
    - The generators are simple to use and are provided with the latest technologies for greater
    efficiency and performance. 
    - They are equipped with the best control systems and are also entirely weather-proof. 
    - They also operate silently and have shallow sound readings. They have a skilled and committed
    staff to handle disaster recovery and emergency requirements and are available 24x7.
    - They have generators which vary from 7.5 kVA to 3300 KVA and can be used for various
    industries like mining, oil and gas, construction, etc.

  4. Al Wisam Trading Co. LLC

    Al Wisam is a very reputed firm that has a good track record of offering customized power solutions to clients based on their varied requirements. The team at Al Wisam is highly professionally trained and can handle all elements of troubleshooting, breakdown repairs, training, or regular service. The company also provides tailor-made service contracts to clients. Genuine spare parts are available with the team to meet any after-sales requirements. Their rental prices are very competitive, and the business practices they follow are safety oriented.

  5. Techno power FZC

    Techno power FZC offers some of the best rental prices together with the best quality generators to clients. Some of the features of the generator rental service, they provide include:
    - A wide range of generators with capacity ranging from 20 KVA to 2500 KVA.
    - Generator installation service provided.
    - They have advanced features in generators like ATS panels, Deep Sea controllers, switchgear panels, etc.
    - Reliable after-sales service and technical support provided.
    - Available at very competitive prices with the latest high-quality equipment.
    - Competent staff prepared to take care of any emergency shutdownsBusiness Management Articles,
    - Water-proof Generators

You can find these top rental general companies are listed on DCCIIfo business directory. This company will help you to decide which firm is the best suited for meeting your power requirements and will provide you with the best value for the money spent.


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