Handbag Online Shopping and the magic of sale

The Handbag Online Shopping was an inevitability that everybody could predict and nobody could avoid. Handbags are to women what north is to south and what clock is to time.

No outfit, contemporary or traditional is complete without a suitable handbag to go with it. This is why; you see a surge in the rise of online portals that, along with other products, sell handbags to millions of women across the globe. Many of the portals have even offered a massive sale on handbags as it is one of their top selling categories. In fact, the surge in the handbag online shopping sales figures is so huge that a lot of brands have considered selling their handbag SKUs through online shopping.

Apart from the usual e-retail portals that are selling handbags, there are dedicated portals like bagskart.com that sell handbags as one of their primary categories. They have a sale of up to 60% off on most of their products in this hot category.  Users that visit bagskart can choose from the following parameters to customize their search for a decent handbag:

1.    Brand
2.    Product Type
a.    Clutches
b.    Handbags
c.    Satchel Bags
d.    Sling Bags
e.    Tote Bags
3.    Gender
4.    Style
5.    Utility
6.    Colour
7.    Body Material
8.    Closure Option (Button, Flap, Zip, Magnetic Snap etc.)

Other such sites that feature this category of products are myntra, bagshala, yebhi, bestylish, jabong etc. There are many sites that are not even as famous as the ones mentioned here but still enjoy heavy traffic due to the heavy discount sale on handbags phenomenon.

There was a time, when women across the world planned almost a day or two to shop just for bags. With the advent of online shopping the level of convenience has gone up. Handbag Online Shopping has become even more convenient due to the cash on delivery option. Most consumers, who order these products online, don’t feel apprehensive about the lack of tangibility because most of the sites offering this facility allow the consumer to completely try out the product before paying for it. This provision has given them a sense of confidence and has steadily given rise to the trend of shopping for products online. This is further confirmed by the fact that most ladies are not daunted by the idea of paying a premium price to buy a product of their choice online, as this product can be returned if it doesn’t measure up to the level of satisfaction expected by them.

In India, where sales are prevalent throughout the year for some or the other occasion or festival, this trend of buying handbags online is only going to increase. In fact, in one of the forums a lady quotes that she has close to 500 bags from across all categories and to go with any wardrobe that she chooses to wear only because she had the ability to shop online for each and every bag that she has.

Online shopping for bags and accessories is a trend that will not die out in the near future and brands really could cash in on this trend to make mammoth profits out of it.


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