Top Kitchen Designing Trends for 2020

The kitchen design undergoes changes year after year. This article explains the designing trend that you can expect in the upcoming year.

Are you a person obsessed with interior désign? Do you follow the latest when it comes to designing your home? Then it is probably time to make the next big move.

Every new year comes with a new trend in interior désign. The same applies to the kitchen as well. If you are planning to renovate your kitchen in the coming year, here are a few trends you should watch for.


  • Go for warm tones: Gone are the days of bright shades in kitchen décor. Now neutral shades like beige, brown and grey are the latest trend. While using neutral shades for the wall, make sure that the kitchen fittings also blend in well. Copper or gold faucets kitchen and copper-colored handles and hinges can be used to blend in well with the warm tone. You can mix-n-match fittings of different tones to create a stylish look.


         In addition to warm tones, black cabinets are also making a comeback in the coming                 year. As for the finish, matt finish is set to go trendy, unlike the glossy finish that is                    popular nowadays.


  • Incorporate backsplash shelf: If your kitchen does not have cabinets above the countertop, then you can consider going for shelves above the backsplash. You can use these shelves for placing decorative elements and crockery. You can make use of beautiful plate racks as a decorative element. It is best to go for the same material for the countertop and backsplash so that there is continuity in design.

          This type of backsplash design can be done only in a large kitchen where there is                      adequate storage space. If storage is an issue in the kitchen, then it is best to go for                  overhead cabinets.

  • Use more natural materials: Natural materials like stone and wood gain popularity in the coming year. Marble countertop and cabinet with wood finish are the trends in the coming year. Whatever material that you use, you should ensure that the surface is given a matte finish.


  • Hide the appliances: Keeping the electronic devices exposed is passe. The latest trend is to keep them hidden. You can create cabinets, similar to storage cabinets, for placing your refrigerator, oven and even hood. You can also keep the hood hidden behind a wall extending from the ceiling. The wall can be covered with the same tiles that are used in the backsplash to provide continuity to the design.


          While renovating the kitchen in the coming year, one thing that you should keep in mind            is the flow of design You should ensure that the countertop, backsplash and other tiles              match so that all design elements can be tied together. At the same timeComputer Technology Articles, a mix-n-                    match in kitchen fittings is just perfect.






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