They're Phishing Your Identity Online

Identity Theft even though punishable by law with up to 15 years in prison, continues to flourish. And one increasingly popular way of capturing personal data is the form of phishing, which happens on...

Many innocent computer users fall victim to this online scam. It has been reported that 5%, and up to 20% of the people fell victim to this scam – causing them untold headaches. From getting stuck with huge credit card bills to having their savings disappear from their personal bank accounts.

Hi. My name is Steve Dimeck. I fell victim to this scam but I didn't let the hacker steal my personal information because I've already gone through a similar but not as severe experience. My personal best friend wasn't that lucky though. Her personal financial information was stolen and she went through a nightmare. She is still trying to clear her name from this evil incident.

Message Labs, a security company, reported that they have intercepted more than 18 million phishing emails during the course of 2004; a trend that Message Labs expects to continue in 2005.

I spent 3 full weeks putting together the most in depth report on phishing. The report covers what phishing is, how do hackers use it to steal your financial information, how can you avoid becoming a victim, how can you protect yourself, and even if you've been a victim of an Identity Theft; you have all the needed information to stop the hackers from ruining your life.

AlsoArticle Submission, read horror stories from the victims.

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