Amazing Tips to Avoid Spam

Spam is the bane of the online world: at best, it’s an annoying disruption. At worst, it delivers a virus, malware, and scams directly to your PC, putting you at risk for a worse. Here are some ...


Never post your email address on the web


Bots are continuously searching the Internet on the chase for new email addresses to spam. If you have a good reason to show the user your email address, you can make it harder for the bots by writing the @ symbol differently, e.g. as an example [at] So individual reading your address can contact you, but there's no @ symbol for the bots to latch onto.


Use temporary email addresses


Many Smart services are obtainable, such as 10-minute mail; which is a service which gives you a temporary email address where you can receive the registration information, etc. when you register for a service which has to be verified by email address.


Never click on links in spam mail


Never respond to spam either, no matter how irritated you are. The only thing that will take place is that the sender will receive confirmation that your email address is working and receiving spam.


Create your junk mail filters


If you have an email client such as Notes or Outlook, you can create your junk mail filters by creating a rule which automatically places any mail containing certain words (porn, sex, Viagra, etc.) straight in your junk mail folder.


Increase the spam filter level in your email


Most email programs such as Outlook, MS Hotmail, Gmail, and Outlook Express have a simple setting which you can use to increase the filter level.


Select a mail server with spam filters


You might not always be able to select, but if you can then select a supplier with spam filters that are known to be good. Gmail has good spam filters.


Create an external email filter


You can create an external email filter to perform as a bridge between your mail server and email program.


Change your email address


If you have an old address which various distribution networks and spam lists have already captured, you have no option but to change address and start all over again.


Criminal Spam networks make a lot of money


Spam networks make a lot of currency out of spam, and spam will continue as long as they go on making money. Better spam filters and greater emphasis on the issue of spam among major mail suppliers, combined with the fact that we recipient are finding out more and more about spam and learning not to fall for the offer made by the bad guys. If you ever win a house or a new Porsche, or maybe just a free holiday, you can ensure that you won't be notified of this by email. So we can conclude that regrettably, all the other mails, which are perhaps rather dull at times are the real ones.



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